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Exhibition Ends Tomorrow in Bridport, Dorset

Tomorrow is the last day for Artemisa's Exhibition in beautiful Bridport, Dorset. Artemisa is a group of three artists/friends, of which I am one, who come together to exhibit their work.

This exhibition has been our most recent of events that we have successfully shared. There have been sales and lots of useful advice. Unfortunately this latest venture comes to an end tomorrow afternoon.

We all hope to work with Art Unlimited Art Gallery ( ) in the future.

Thank you to the gallery and the staff for being so helpful.

There is still time to get there and see this work on display in pride of place.

large rectangular panting in acrylic, paint and inks.  Depicting the nursery rhyme - I knew and old woman who swallowed a fly.  With all animals stacked on the back of the horse.
She swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die

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