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Westover Gardens Bournemouth Art and Makers Market

This month you will find me with Lorcan Designs, selling a variety of art and craft at the Westover Gardens Bournemouth Art and Makers Market, in Bournemouth Gardens.

The Art and Makers Market website explains best what to expect to see in the gardens this summer:

"... exciting presentation of Original Artworks and more recently Prints and Cards.. is now to become a New, more open Bournemouth event for “all” creatives to Showcase their products.. Hence the addition of the words “Makers” and “Market”..
A collective of artisans to celebrate the Westover Gardens area of Bournemouth ... the Picnic Park Deli, the Aviary, the Westover Road Shops and Restaurants, The Pavilion Entertainment.. a place with space, to relax, to entertain and enjoy for all."

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