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Printing for local Pubs

Just sent these all for printing to Snapfish. Should be all here in time for the end of lockdown for all pubs in England on the 4th July!

Three girls/women enjoying each others company.  One is whispering a shared secret.  Dressed up in beautiful red and green dresses.  Large canvas, original print, Art prints are available.
Friends - Three young woman enjoying an evening out. drinking wine and sharing a secret. All in beautiful taffeta and velvet - joy!

Pink Pig. Large painting on canvas. Cute and charming pig, sow - tickled pink

Fairground Carousel. A vibrant large painting on canvas. Girls and children enjoying the Merry-go-round ride, on horses and giant chickens, loving and laughing and loving each others company.

Lock-in. Unlike lockdown, lockins would happen in drinking establishements, pubs in England, so that people could continue to drink after last orders. These two sisters/women in all their smart clothes. Possibly after a wedding, in their orange and blue finery - enjoying a brandy and a smoke on an expensive cigar.

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